United App Launch

Introducing the Unity App!

As part of our unwavering pursuit of superior support and products for our over 3,000 associates, and to facilitate the success of tomorrow’s new partners, we are proud to announce the launch of the United Services Group Unity app.

Unity makes interactions between partners, operations and customers easier and faster. Everyone sees the same, accurate information of all cleaning activities, which saves time, consolidates communication and reporting, and provides easy access to solutions and support, when needed.
“This app puts us leaps and bounds above the competition,” says Richard Cowper, Director of IT Strategy, Business Support at United Services Group. “Rather than adopting existing technology that didn’t quite meet our needs, we invested in the R&D necessary to create a unique mobile app that secures our place as a market leader and allows us to offer a premium product to both our partners and our customers.”

Unity App Creates a One-Stop Shop

The Unity app will now be the backbone of operations at United, supporting us in providing meticulous care to our customers’ properties while also supporting our partners in accelerating their business.
Unity is:
  • A communication and feedback platform. Real-time communication between United staff, our dedicated partners, and loyal customers is an essential component of our commitment to providing high-quality, reliable service. It ensures everyone knows what is going on at all times.
  • A planning tool. For area managers, it offers a fast and easy way to schedule, or reschedule, periodic cleaning tasks in advance, allowing for greater structure and organization for both operations and our partners.
Unity provides:
  • Greater ability for partners to manage their teams. For every task, at every location — whether it is daily work or periodic work — scope of work is clearly outlined in the app, allowing our partners to better manage their time and their teams. Checking in and out from locations is simple, and partners can instantly communicate with pictures or updates of a job’s status or concerns they may have.
  • Proactive information to our customers. Full transparency, accountability, and visibility between all parties means our customers can feel confident that a job is completed as expected. And, if it is not, a full understanding as to why will be reported in the app.
While Unity creates greater efficiency, transparency, and communication, it is also important to state that it does not track a user’s location without their express permission, and only to facilitate the check in at the correct store, nor does it set timelines for our partners on work deliverables.

Unity: The Primary Hub for all Things United

In the future, Unity’s increased functionality will turn it into an integrated enterprise platform to manage customer expectations and communications, site operations, materials, and equipment. It will also become a complete partner management platform for managing cleaner activities, training and general administration and invoicing, as well as an integrated customer service platform to include sales of product and services, training and communication.

A Truly United Effort

“We are incredibly proud of the entire United team for their hard work and dedication towards advancing commercial cleaning standards across Canada,” adds Jason Purdy, Head of Canada, Strategic Program Delivery/Learning & Development. “I would personally like to thank those who were instrumental in bringing the Unity app to life. We simply could not have done this without them.”
Those team members include:
  • Cameron Kroupa
  • Genevieve Tardy
  • Kamalpreet Kaur
  • Karolina Jaszczuk
  • Kelly Baker
  • Lenka Wendl
  • Mike Krupkiewicz
  • Oscar Lozano
  • Raouf Khelifa
  • Robert Kroupa
  • Tanner Olenik