Michael’s Year End Address

Michael’s Message: Celebrating 2023’s Incredible Transformation — And a Look Ahead

As 2023 comes to a close, I am amazed at what we’ve achieved. This year marks the largest technological evolution that United Services Group has experienced, and we are just getting started.

With the launch of our custom-developed Unity app this year, we have embraced the Internet of Things (the network of smart objects and devices, with data exchange and automation). A complete system management environment, Unity streamlines tasks, improves operations and provides real-time data, and it is our key communications tool for connecting customers, employees and partners.

Appreciating that people are vitally important to our work, we also made important investments in supporting our partners and employees this year.

I am proud of the work our team has done to elevate United. Here’s a look at what we’ve accomplished and how it supports our partners, our clients and our employees — as well as a preview of what you can expect from United in 2024.

Supporting Our Partners Helps Us Grow Together

Our partners are an extension of our brand, and the Unity app has transformed how we’re working together, bringing us closer than ever.

Partners are independent owner operators of cleaning companies and/or those who deliver specialized cleaning services.

The app improves work-life balance for our partners by helping them stay organized, preventing duplication of work, and ensuring additional requests are tracked and compensated. This simplifies our partners’ management of tasks and staff, supporting business growth.

To further foster collaboration and exceptional service across our industry, we also launched United Campus, an educational institution in Quebec dedicated to sharing knowledge and helping cleaning businesses gain traction. Open to anyone, United Campus provides training for new cleaning staff as well as advanced learning and development for established businesses. This training can help our partners elevate their service and, as a result, their business.

As a complement, our Partner Relations Team remains dedicated to supporting our partners’ health and welfare. We look forward to building an even closer relationship with partners in the coming year.
As we returned to trade shows, including Grocery Innovations Canada in October, it was a pleasure to once again connect in person with customers and suppliers. We look forward to seeing more of you in the coming year.

Providing Our Clients with Full Transparency in Real Time

Our clients are also benefiting from having information and scheduling options at their fingertips 24/7.

In the Unity app, clients can access data, see actions (for example, when jobs have been completed) and due dates, view reports and easily schedule or reschedule periodic cleaning tasks in advance.

This transparency and streamlined workflow reduces the need for follow-up communications at the store level, freeing up time for other critical tasks. Meanwhile, detailed reporting when a job is not completed as expected provides accountability and keeps our clients apprised of what’s happening in real time.

With every action integrated in an app we’ve developed from scratch, we are providing an exceptional customer experience that is unmatched in our industry.

We’re also providing more value for clients with our cleaning services. Our Clean & Protect Program, launched in Ontario this year, features a new process and product developed by United that allows us to wax floors less frequently, burnish floors less often and extend stripping cycles. More efficient and eco-friendly, this service reduces client costs while supporting corporate social responsibility goals.

Investing in Our People

Supporting our employees’ well-being and engagement are top priorities, so we have made key investments in these areas this year. We introduced Dialogue, our employee wellness app, featuring virtual 24/7 healthcare, mental health support, wellness content, and connection to our Employee Assistance Program. With Dialogue, our team members can access the resources they need, anytime and anywhere.

To set our employees up for success at work, we’ve prioritized professional development. In addition to launching United Campus, where we onboard and train new employees, we introduced leadership training for key management and future leaders. Eight of our leaders have already completed CEO Global Network’s Global Leadership Training Program, and more will follow. The skills gained will benefit everyone.

Understandably, our year of digital transformation required significant internal changes, including reorganizing our operations team to create more focused, specialized roles. In addition to operational improvements, this has created new opportunities for employees to thrive as experts.

In the face of incredible change, United employees stepped up and into our future — and it has transformed our culture. We are working as one, a team united in our passion for innovation and safe, healthy spaces and communities.

The Year Ahead Is Bigger and Brighter

As we look to 2024, we are continuing to embrace our digital transformation, with plans for new features in the Unity app to support our partners and our clients.

We will also remain heavily focused on people, growing our presence in all regions of Canada, engaging new partners, and helping our partners succeed. To that end, we are in discussions with major financial and insurance institutions to provide our partners with key resources to drive growth.

2023 has been a remarkable year of transformation at United Services Group, and we couldn’t have achieved so much without the dedication, hard work and enthusiasm of our employees, our partners and our clients. Thank you for trusting in our vision and embracing change. As we continue leading innovation in our industry, we are honoured to be heading into another inspiring year with you.

Warmest wishes,

Michael Kroupa
CEO and Owner of United Services Group