Why Partner with United Services Group?

Grow Your Business with Industry-Leading Training, Communication and Support for Long-Term Partner Success.

United Services Group has a forty-five-year history of strategic collaboration with independently owned and operated commercial cleaning companies to deliver world-class cleaning solutions to retail, industrial, office and national brands from coast to coast.

With continuous learning playing an increased role in fueling business innovation and growth, we recognize the need to provide elite industry training, resources, and ongoing support for over 3,000 of our current associates and to facilitate the successful onboarding of tomorrow’s new partners.

As part of our unwavering pursuit of superior products, processes and technology, we’re investing in our people. We’re transforming the way internal and external learning is done across United Services Group by building a comprehensive national partnership curriculum and training program.
“We aim to empower and build the capacity and success of our people and partners,” states Kathy Kroupa, Head of Partnership Relations & Risk Management.
Jason Purdy, Head of Strategic Program Delivery & Learning Development, co-leads this innovative initiative alongside Kroupa. He states, “By investing in people, we help them achieve their full potential, enhance our collaborative work culture and add service value to our clients.”

Drive Your Business Success Through Integrated Training

To support your expansion, development and prosperity, we are collaborating with critical business leaders to create the Learning, Development & Partnership Strategies and Ecosystem. 

Purdy states, “We’re working closely with business leaders and key stakeholders to design and deliver timely, high-quality and interactive, internal and external training solutions.”

Here are several key areas that will accelerate your business:

Leadership Development – expand your leadership skills and strengthen your current and future workforce capabilities

Contemporary Learning Principles – maximize your knowledge with up-to-date adult learning principles and practices for virtual and in-person learning

Specialized Training – conveniently “work as you learn” as you train for highly-skilled interior and exterior cleaning services

Change Management – access integrated learning solutions based on your needs to support and sustain your business development and growth

Results Evaluation – receive valuable, constructive feedback to elevate your learning experience and ensure positive business results

Why Partner with United Services Group?

Thousands of teams and partners across Canada have placed their trust in us.

“Not only have they benefited from our highly collaborative environment and openness to diverse perspectives and opinions, they’ve also experienced personal and business growth,” says Kroupa.

We’re committed to setting you up for long-term success!

  • Leverage free and continuous training & support
  • Manage your own business and expand your services
  • Benefit from a steady income stream & lifestyle
  • Enjoy competitive product & equipment pricing
  • Access leading-edge processes & technology
  • Maximize learning in English, French or Spanish
  • Capitalize on accounting & legal resources
  • Take advantage of group benefits

…and much more!

Creating New Partnership Opportunities Based on Solid Family Values

Our legacy of integrity, honesty and respect brings passionate, driven and caring people together. As a family enterprise, we’re defined by who we are, what we stand for, and the value we place on relationships.

As an integral part of our family, you matter. You are part of our national fabric and we want to see you succeed. We have cultivated a safe and supportive environment where we care for one another and where we face business and life challenges together.

Opportunities to work with a nationally-recognized industry-leading organization are in your future.

We look forward to continuous innovation and strong partnerships to deliver unmatched cleaning solutions to our valued clients.

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