Partner/Subcontractor Opportunities

There are currently no vacancies.

Dear Valued Partners,

As you may be aware, United is a national company with partner opportunities available across Canada. We are always in search for new partners or assisting our partners that are interested in moving.

Here are two programs United is offering:

Finders Fee Program

If you know any contractors interested in becoming United Partners or have employees that would like to become partners with United, we will be offering $1000.00 for a finder’s fee for 3 months.

Finders Fee recipients must meet the following criteria:
  • Referred partner must work with United for 3 months
  • The referred partner must have a “good” quality standing with United
  • Referral candidates must be trained on cleaning standards and United procedures

Relocation Program:

Are you planning to move? United can help by

  • Assisting with moving expenses
  • Assisting in finding employees for your company
  • Assistance with moving
  • Searching for residence

Relocation Program recipients must meet the following criteria:

  • The partner remains in the location for 1 year
  • Meets the Quality and scope expectation of the customer
If you are interested and would like further information on either of these programs please do not hesitate to reach out to the Partnership Team.

Ontario West
Wade LaRose +1 (877) 289-4299 x449

Quebec East
Genevieve Tardy +1 (877) 289-4299 x440