Michael’s Message – Introducing our New Brand Identity for 2023 & Beyond

Elevating Technology, Enhancing Processes and Empowering People To Deliver Innovative Commercial Cleaning Products & Services Across Canada

I’m honoured and proud to unveil our new brand image and vision as we master and lead the challenges of the future by transforming and enhancing every customer’s experience at every touch point.

As we celebrate 45-plus years of accomplishments, from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific Ocean, our brand identity reflects how far we have come, who we are today and our ambitious trajectory for years to come. As a company, we have organically evolved over the years. For some of us, this transformation has been like watching a child grow up; for others, it has been about experiencing United from the moment they started participating in its journey.
From today onwards, we pledge to continue to elevate and innovate the cleaning and janitorial industry for the betterment of our people, partners, clients and communities.

New Brand Identity Brings Our Values, Vision and Commitment to Life

Our core values of innovation, inclusion, respect and courage are magnified in our drive to reimagine our services and optimize our relationships.

The following strategic pillars reflect our commitment to deliver unsurpassed service value by putting our clients, partners and people first.

Elevating Technology to Propel Your Data & Communication

Our Digital Transformation & Research & Development team continues to work tirelessly with leading-edge technology platforms & manufacturers to enhance and implement artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and a robust communication platform.
These enhancements leverage your ability to easily interconnect and communicate with partners, cleaning crews, vendors, and clients to access real-time information and collect quality data from various sources.

This enriched digital communication system allows you to request products and services conveniently, make data-driven decisions quickly, and skillfully manage inventory using AI predictability.

Enhancing Processes to Optimize Your Customer Experience

In addition to embracing new technology, continuing to assess and understand our customers’ journey at every touchpoint is a critical component of our culture. Our approach to all relationships is built on listening, understanding, and genuinely respecting what your world is all about.

These insights help us in developing and implementing quality service standards, so you can benefit from receiving consistent service quality, proactive and prompt actions and communications. While our aim is to remain consistent in service delivery, continuous insights and inputs allow us to pivot and accommodate customized solutions to enhance your experience.

Empowering Our People & Partners to Be the Face of United Services Group

During the process of redesigning our vision for the future, we acknowledged the contributions of our people, both past and present, who have contributed to the success of our organization.

The foundation of United’s culture is about the empowerment of all our caring and competent team members, who we have entrusted to transition United into the future.
We prioritize diversity, encourage different perspectives, and provide elite training and skills development to create a “people first” culture where employees and partners are supported to achieve their highest potential.

An environment of collaboration, engagement and accountability empowers everyone to take initiative, think beyond the status quo, develop new products, equipment and technology, and make fast-paced daily decisions to deliver results and provide superior service excellence.

Embracing Courage to Break Boundaries & Drive Sustainability

To meet the challenges of ever-changing social and economic environments, we are laser-focused on thinking and acting differently to build a far-reaching foundation of sustainability.

As an integral part of our new brand and vision, we extend our hands and hearts to refugees, new immigrants, and marginalized people, setting them up for success.

We provide training, employment, and relocation opportunities across Canada. For those who dream of becoming their own boss, we offer the knowledge, step-by-step guidance and support to start and grow their business.

With conviction and courage, we are committed to advocating for the rights of our people in the janitorial industry, providing numerous economic benefits and building strong, sustainable communities where people can raise their families, be respected and thrive.

United Services Group's Ongoing Evolution

The cleaning and janitorial industry is a crucial part of Canada’s economy.

As we continue to roll out our vision and strategic plans, United Services Group is raising the profile of the cleaning and janitorial industry by leading with innovative products and services, empowering people and communities, and daring to think, be and act differently.

We are not stopping at good enough but striving for better – then we are topping that!

Our new brand identity is just the beginning of an exciting and transformative era at United Services Group.

Michael Kroupa
CEO and Owner of United Services Group