Comprehensive Spring Cleaning Services for Your Business

Spring is here, bringing with it the need for comprehensive cleaning and maintenance for your commercial property, both inside and out. As a leading provider of top-notch cleaning and janitorial services to retail, industrial, office and food service brands across Canada, our wide range of cleaning and maintenance services and packages help your property look its best throughout the year. Here are a few key areas to focus on for spring.

The Importance of Curb Appeal: Our Exterior Spring Cleaning Services

First impressions are critical in business, and that starts when your customer sees the exterior of your location.

As soon as the snow melts away, many business exteriors can benefit from some extra care. Cleaning up general property debris, maintaining the overall appearance of the landscape, removing dead shrubs and plants, and aerating and fertilizing the lawn are all important tasks that immediately brighten a property – and speaks to the values of your organization and brand.
However, we also ensure that several often-overlooked maintenance areas get the attention they deserve. This includes repairing asphalt, painting lines, and other parking lot maintenance, cleaning windows, preparing turf and garden beds for landscaping, pressure washing storefronts, sidewalks, entrance ways and more. All of these outdoor maintenance items are crucial to making a good first impression on your customers, and the spring season is a key time to clean up and leave that lasting positive feeling.
Our goal is to enhance the curb appeal for our customers, says Jason Purdy, Head of Canada – Strategic Program Delivery/Learning & Development. “We will help you start with a fresh look that generates excitement and draws people in to engage with your products and services.”

A Thorough Deep Clean: Our Interior Spring Cleaning Services

One of our most important indoor services during the spring season is floor maintenance. This is the perfect time of year to strip and refinish your floors to achieve the best gloss levels. Cleanliness starts with your floor — your customers notice it — and when your floor is clean, maintaining the appearance of the rest of your location becomes much easier.
Of course, the best results come when spring cleaning happens both outside and inside. What we bring to the exterior are the same results we provide for the interior, adds Purdy. “We always say that the entrance of your location sets the tone for what the rest of your location looks like. This is what your customer sees first and what we want to provide.”
To help you achieve a truly thorough spring clean, we also recommend including specialized cleaning services such as high dusting to clean light fixtures and more, interior window cleaning, and pressure washing storage areas.
“Our clients have confidence in our team,” says Alain Choucrallah, Head of Supply Chain, Expansion & Diversification. “They have confidence that we can deliver quality work both inside and outside.”
Let us help you banish the winter blues and prepare for the summer glow. Give us a call at 1.877.289.4299 and we will design a custom cleaning package that fits all of your needs!