Accelerating Our Sustainability Commitment to Build Strong Canadian Communities

Championing People's Diversity, Equity & Inclusion for Long-Term Socioeconomic Growth

From our humble immigrant beginnings in 1977, we have embraced courage, drive and determination to think big, create job opportunities and impact people’s lives for the overall betterment of society.

Sustainability encompasses more than managing our environmental resources; it also includes nurturing and building our economic and social strengths.

Today, with over 3,000 employees and partners across the nation, we are building on our foundation and family values by prioritizing our initiative to play a significant role in Canada’s economic, social and cultural sustainability.

We are Redefining Tomorrow's Workforce, Building Cultural Bridges & Promoting Vibrant Communities

As an innovative industry leader, we see business — and the world — in a different way!

By exercising workplace diversity, equity and inclusion, we spark new ideas and services, long-term relationships built on understanding and respect, and economic security and community well-being.

As we move forward, we’re investing and implementing strategies to engage and leverage Canada’s vast pool of diverse backgrounds, cultures, perspectives and skillsets to drive sustainability.

We warmly welcome refugees, immigrants, indigenous people, individuals experiencing homelessness and marginalized populations. Know that you possess perspectives, ideas, abilities and attributes that are essential to the commercial cleaning industry and add value to the Canadian economy.

To that end, one of our key strategic plans is to provide you with elite training and career opportunities.

Being part of our family-values driven company means you will experience job and life satisfaction that produces positive ripple effects across our business sectors, your personal networks and your community.

Our Supportive Work Culture Opens Doors

We respect and support your courage, resilience and dreams of building a better future for you and your family.
To help you achieve your goals, we provide knowledge, training, resources, support and mentorship.
We will help untap your strengths and talents to drive your success. You’ll gain a sense of belonging and connection to a bigger purpose and enjoy professional growth and financial rewards.

You can take advantage of job opportunities, relocation assistance, help to start your own business, access legal and financial resources, and professionally advance within our organization.

Wherever you come from, with whatever background and story, and no matter your work experience, we have ample and meaningful opportunities for you.

Driving Sustainable Action with Social Strategies, Partnerships & Policies

We’re a family company focused on caring and giving. These are more than simple words. We’re committed to taking real action.

We’re implementing plans and programs that consider multilingual and cultural sensitivities, as well as developing grant opportunities specifically designed for the janitorial industry.

By engaging with industry professionals, community leaders, immigrant service providers and various levels of government, we are adding our insights and input to influence the direction of public economic, social and cultural policies.

Our sustainability commitment reflects more than our day-to-day business operations but our vision of what Canada is today and will achieve in the years to come.

Our Commitment to Uplift People and Communities

Our goal is to drive Canada’s future.

Advancing diversity, equity and inclusion are at the core of our sustainability strategy as we continue our over 45-year  legacy of contributing to the growth of Canada’s economic, social and cultural fabric.
By investing in people, collaborating with policymakers and implementing multicultural sensitive resources and programs, we are improving the lives and well-being of Canadians.

We’re excited to take another ambitious step forward for the greater good by working to build a prosperous and sustainable future for all.